Is Internet Betting Legal In Australia?

Australia is one of the most gambling focused countries in the world with billions being bet on slots every year. Even though these gambling activities are very popular in the country it is illegal to offer them online. However, sport betting services are not included in this ban as long as operators are fully licensed by the Australian government.

The laws that control gambling in Australia

The main act that controls the bulk of betting activity in Australia is The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001. The rule makes it illegal for companies in or outside of the country from engaging in real money online gambling. This main act does not, however, have any influence on sports betting in Australia.

What you can and cannot do

Even though online gambling based in Australia is illegal it does not stop anyone from playing on sites registered outside the country. This means that there is no real restriction for Australians betting on internet casinos that are licensed elsewhere.

Online pokies are legal in Australia and can be accessed freely by anyone. Australia has one of the biggest gambling populations in the world with many choosing online slots as their favourite.

Are your winnings taxed?

Under the current set of regulations, there is no requirement for players to pay any sort of tax on anything they win. The tax that is collected comes purely from gambling operators and not any casino users. This payable amount is game dependent with varying costs, gambling licenses are another way the government ensures safe and fair play. The only fees that players might have to contend with are deposit or withdrawal costs.

The future of online gambling in Australia

In recent years it has been suggested that the country implement greater restrictions on banks to make it illegal for them to process gambling transactions, this is similar to legislation in the United States. This has, however, not gone forward due to the total legal nature of the current betting system.

The most promising developments of late talks about the possibility of making poker more widely accessible and legal in Australia. It has been suggested that Aussie companies should be allowed to legally operate their own online poker rooms. This would, however, require great policy change to make online gambling in Australia more open and accessible.

If you have been wondering about the state of gambling in Australia, now you know. The Aussie betting system is fairly complicated with many different separate subsections about specific games to consider. The current set of rules makes it possible to play pokies online and to bet on foreign-registered casinos.

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